Services and Methods

Our Services and Methods

  •  Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning:

We clean windows on the inside and outside, upper story and lower story of your home or office, up to three stories. First, we remove your screens, then, we will clean your outside windows, starting on the upper story and finishing with the lower story, to keep drips off of clean windows. We use a child, pet, and fabric-safe window cleaning solution, with a mop and squeegee, loosening the debris on the window with the mop, removing the solution with a squeegee, then wiping any water off the edges, windowsill, and window frame with a lint free cloth. If there is any debris fastened to the window that the mop cannot remove (such as paint, tape, etc.) we will use a glass razor to take that off, then clean the window again. Then, we will clean the inside windows in the same way, using less water, and no glass razor. On the inside, we cover our feet and our ladders’ feet and ends with a clean cloth cover while we work. Once the inside windows are clean, we will put each screen back in its window.

  • Gutter Cleaning:

We start by removing the dry debris in your gutters, such as leaves, bark, and pine needles, and bagging it. Then, we spray out each section of gutter with a powerful hose nozzle, clearing out all mud, soot, and roof sand, sending it down the downspout. Then we spray out the downspout, and check to make sure there is proper flow through it. We will also check the flow of water in each length of your gutter, and inform you if there are any sections where water is pooling.

  • Screen Cleaning

We start by removing your screens, labeling each one, take them outside, wipe them with a safe screen solution on a cloth, then spray each one with a hose nozzle. We then stand them up to dry, and place them back into your windows once they are dry.

  • Track Cleaning

We start by brushing out your window tracks with a dry brush, loosening the debris, then we vacuum out the tracks, then wipe it and the frame down with a damp rag.