Pure Water Window Cleaning (Water Fed)

Pure Water Cleaning

Sechrist Window Cleaning uses a pure water system (also known as “waterfed” cleaning) to clean exterior windows. The end result of our pure water system is the ability to scrub windows up to three stories with a brush that is spraying ultra-purified water onto the window, and then rinsing it with that water. Pure water technology is new to the window cleaning industry, and is a much more efficient, thorough, safer, lower-risk, and faster method to clean windows than the traditional mop-and-squeegee set up.

It’s pretty fascinating. If you care for the step-by-step details, here they are:


Fist, the water runs from a tank, through a pump, giving it ample pressure and flow to go through the filter, hose, and up to your window.


The water then goes through a 3-stage filtration process: First, a Carbon Sediment filter, taking out non-dissolved solids, Chlorine, and and other large molecular solids. Then the water goes though several Reverse Osmosis membranes, filtering out 98% of all dissolved solids, and finally through a De-Ionization resin, which removes the remaining dissolved solids, and also removes all ions from the water, leaving us with completely pure water, that is lacking ions. Due to the molecular structure of water, it “craves” ions so that it will be electrically balanced. These ions can only adhere to the water by being in a solid that is dissolved into that water. So the de-ionized water will pull solids of the glass and dissolve them, so that it can be electrically balanced.

The Hose

We use a 300 foot hose, from the tank, to reach just about anywhere.

The Pole

We then run the filtered, de-ionized water up a pole, that can be extended to 31 feet, reaching all 3rd story and most 4th story windows.

The Brush

At the end of the pole is a brush, with 4 jets in the middle. We scrub the window with the brush, while it squirts the water onto the glass, then we rinse the glass with the water.

Drying Spot Free!

Leave the window for a few minutes, while the pure water evaporates, and you will have a clean, spot-free window to look through!